Many moons ago when I was trying to dodge studying glacial deposits for geography degree I dedicated the majority of my time to researching graffiti and public art. In particular, the ways in which it become more reflective of the world around it. The continual evolution and integration of street art into our everyday lives is allowing us to question the standard behaviour in our cities and create new ways of interacting with it. This website shows some of my artwork and photography and I guess shows how I see the world I live in. 

Since the purchase of my new Olympus camera in 2014 I have moved more towards the lens and away from the spray can but I have at least been able to integrate the two with a project for UPFEST 2016 in which I took photos of local Bristol Vendors and turned them into stencils for the Bristol event. 

This coming year I have planned to take one "Portrait Per Day" in which the photos will be uploaded to Instagram and Facebook daily.