Free Art Friday


The concept of Free Art Friday (FAF) is a simple one. It involves the artistic creation of piece art which is left in a public space for a passer-by to find and keep. FAF originated from the conscious efforts of an individual street artist to make a positive change in his local environment. A whole new concept then evolved; the re-use of materials to make pieces of art which are given away for free, to an unknown member of the public. Giving art away on Friday was optional, but preferred, as it encourages the artist to maintain participation in the artistic movement.


Many things in the world are considered ‘free’, but fail to hold up to the true meaning of the word. They are often subject to gallery regulations, consumer demand and the ‘need’ to follow a specific set of guidelines. FAF attempts to remove as many of these boundaries as possible to increase public awareness that along with the need to sell art and promote an artist, there is also the need to embellish and entertain in a non profit way without the need to cause damage to a property. The use of the city as a gallery and mode of free public expression is an example of ephemeral disruption of the high commercialized emitter-acceptor semiotic system, an attempt to bring about better urban futures, suggesting that there are no ‘real’ concrete doctrines for artistic creation and behavior in public space.


The benefits of Free Art Friday are boundless. By attaching much less importance to the sales value of art, it allows the artist to create a contemplative immersion in their work. Much similar to the work of Dadaist, the “uselessness” of their work allow artists to develop their skills and discover new techniques, with the additional reward of satisfaction when leaving something special for others to collect.