The Only Way is Essex

So its been a rediculously long time since I wrote a blog post but seeing as I went on a fantastic photography shoot on Saturday morning I thought why am I not using the website for my photos as well as my art work. So from now on you will be seeing me update the website with more photos than art work I imagine. 

Olympus  teamed up with the Colchester branch of the London Camera Exchange plus professional photographer Rob Pugh for an exclusive Photo Walk through the historic Essex town – claimed to be the oldest recorded town in Britain.The creatively inspiring stroll took place on March 28th between 10am to 1pm. As well as the opportunity to learn some new street photography skills from Rob, there was also opportunity to touch and try the latest Olympus camera bodies, lenses and accessories. 

It was a great day and I got a few shots that I was happy with and also had great fun trying out the new 40-150mm lens and 1.4 teleconverter. 

Thanks to Rob for his time and more from Rob look at his website 

For more photos from the day click on this link...

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