“THE BIG ISSUE” is an amazing Street Newspaper that helps hundreds of people across the country take control of their own lives and gaining some independence. I have read the magazine for years and always try to have a chat with the sellers. Following a brief exchange with a seller in Sutton in December it showed vulnerability that I hadn’t seen in a seller for quite a long time. I didn’t want to force conversation as even eye contact felt a struggle. I presumed due to her accent she was from Eastern Europe and what impressed me was even though she looked nervous to "sell" she still stood in the freezing cold and wet winters day trying to make some money. 

I wanted to acknowledge some of the incredible work that they do and seeing as I painted at Upfest in Bristol every year it made sense to try and paint some of the Bristol Big Issues sellers live in the summer. I sent an email to The Big Issue and they passed me on to the Bristol office who along with the vendors were so supportive of the project and I hope will be happy with the end result. 

 Anyway, I have to paint in the morning so incase I dont see you tommorrow, good morning, good evening and good night!

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