BBC Your Pictures

It's been an odd few months for a number of reasons but in relation to art I have managed to let it all slide. With my City and Guilds photography course finishing and the season of street art festivals coming to an end I have got pulled way to much into my job and everything else has come second. The stark reliasation that I don't do enough of what I want or see those I want to see has finally hit and I guess I've understood the need to change this routine. 

The problem with routine is you fall into sync with what you think is right by others, but in reality if its not right by yourself then it isn't right for anyone as it isnt sustainable. Constantly being surrounded by negativity and trying your best to survive in this environment isnt healthy if you aren't taking the reward or at least opportunity to do what makes you happy. 

I know this is all waffle but very few read my posts so it's a good chance try compute where I am, and where I am going. With the suppport of my girlfriend, my friends and my family I hope I can really make an effort to do more art, more photography and just making the most of time outside of work and in effect do less work. 

So what does this all have to do with BBC Your Picture? Well my first effort of doing what I want to was to enter some photography competitions. The first one I entered was this week and was the BBC weekly photography competition with the theme After Dark, and who would have thought it, my photo was chosen as one of the weeks best photos. Other than bringing a smile to my face it does show I need to make more of an effort to do what I am good at, and not just running myself into the ground. What is more rewarding is it was from the photo series I took at college to discuss issues of depression and the need to talk to those around you (couldnt be more relevant to the last few weeks) in order for the stigma of depression to disappear. 

So what's next to make sure I keep doing what makes me happy? See some friends that is well overdue, complete the stencils for The Big Issue and try raise some money for the vendors of Bristol, and enter more photography competitions. Watch this space... 


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