Fetch a breath

What is Fetch a breath?

It is a non profit project that aims to make people smile in public space using art as public intervention.

Where did it start?

A few years back I was seriously ill and almost ended up six feet under. Afterwards I was a bit messed up and could not pull myself together. Luckily I had an awesome family and a few great mates. But one of them who painted by the name 'Breathe'. We bounced around some ideas and ended up building a little concept in which we would put things in public spaces that would make people smile. Project "Fetch a breath(e)" was born. It hasn't really had chance to take off but has helped me get back to art and my former self. It is now 2012 and I aim to make this project work, not just for me, but those clever people who actually take time to look at where they live and take in things that will hopefully make them smile.

Keep your eyes peeled people, you may even find some of my art on my "Free art Friday" drops.

Projects so far...

  • Free Art Friday