Paint and Beer 2012

Celebrating the 5th year of PAINT & BEER at the legendary Villa Friekens in Amsterdam. With a large crew of invited artist in a large indoor and outdoor space.. handcrafted beer and sweet sounds booming all day.. you'd be a fool to miss it. THIS IS NOT A FREE FOR ALL PAINT JAM. INVITED ARTISTS ONLY!!! SATURDAY Main event, Live paint, Beer & Music @ Villa Friekens, Landsmeerderdijk, North Amsterdam SUNDAY Live paint @ Amsterdam North Festival.. details to come ARTISTS: SNUB, DEFACTO, SINNA ONE, MISHFIT, FOUNDRY, FETCH, LEEKS,NOL, MISS*C, IVES, LUKEDADUKE, HMX, LEMPKE, LASTPLAK CREW, EDO RATH,YATUSABES, DIN DIN, TANK PETROL, MITTENIMWALD, FOUR, PIXIE, 10:GU, DAYO, KYNZ, MARAZZI, DECYCLE, CASHMAN, BOE, OSH, PSYCHONAUTES, WOFOZ, GRAPHDEVILLE, BIMIMONSTERS, OEY, ALIAS, PERSPICERE, TONA, SHMONE AE, SENE AE, ANOPSY, WHOAMY IRONY, CISCOKSL, EINs92, ONER, L.E.T, SNIK, WOOPERHEROE, HA, LN, AFRESH, NARCOZE, R.MORTIMER, BUSTART, DUS, ZARIA, SKATIN, KARMA83, MAREK, SKET, DRIES, MICKEY,JAKE, BERN, EGOIST, KILS, 170, OMIN, STICK, SPASM, FLEM, ROOFLEX MUSIC: Lance, Bone, EBOKAI, Audio Spray, The Bucket Boys Bands: Daikaiju : surf punk Alabama - USA The Burners - NL Live Sets: Lucky Goat - NL : Hyena - Italy DJ DE OORZAAK - PLEXAT VJ’S: NUNS WITH GUNS
Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 12:00 to Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 22:00
Villa Friekens