White Cross Street Party

The Rise of the Non Conformists is a very unusual exhibition which breaks most social norms and expectations. At previous shows we’ve had a comic-book ton weight anvil floating in the sky; a monster-sized pencil scribbling on buildings and a sniper hiding in a fake window. Some of the most intriguing and important urban artists have been free to rise to the occasion in the environment they best excel in – the street. This years artists will paint through out the day of the party; the final artworks will be exhibited along Whitecross Street in 'The Rise of the Non Conformists' exhibition until 16 September 2016. This year was made all the better by seeing Teddy paint live for the first time in years, and then my piece being hung next to his following the event. Happy days!
Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 12:00
White Cross Street
United Kingdom